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What Do I Offer?

Community Websites

Need a community website with forums, profile pages, friends lists, chats and more? No problem! I can develop community sites the listed features and more following a specified style or design.

eCommerce Websites

Need an ecommerce website with products, deals, coupons & discounts and PayPal gateways? I have experience with ecommerce from several projects and can set up shops for both physical and digital products.

Subscription Websites

Want to offer varying levels of access to pages with free and paid subscriptions?

This is also an area I have experience with, and can create subscription level access into the websites I develop with ease.

The 3 Aspects of Web Design I Work To

Minimalistic Design

A simple design always compliments a site, too much information puts off visitors, people just want the basics most of the time.

Obvious Content

Make the main point or product clearly visible from the main page and other areas, never understate the importance of the main revenue supply, but don’t advertise too much, cluttering is bad.

Easy Support

The largest shortfall of any website is hard to find support, making contact forms easy to find and support ticket systems easily accessible can help keep customers and spread the word about your good support.

Other Features

Pre-Orderable Products

As part of my eCommerce packages, I also offer the ability to pre-order products using a custom plugin written by myself and the lead developer from Labyrith Studios.

This allows you to create unlimited amounts of pre-orderable products with an unlimited amount of customisation and variation.

Vendor Websites

A Vendor website allows multiple people to sell products on a website and allows the developers (owners of the site) to collect an optional percentage from them.

This mimics sites such as Amazon and eBay that allow people to sell products through them.

Code Generators

A Code Generator allows a user to edit fields such as class and variable names, types and other pieces of information and generate them on the fly for whatever they need it for, this can be tied into the eCommerce package and made only usable by people who have purchased a coded product and want a little more customisability, this allows them to do it themselves using an intuitive and easy to use experience run automatically.

Membership Websites

I also offer websites with paid and free membership systems allowing you to restrict content to customers with a one-time payment or rolling payment (monthly etc…) this allows you to create websites similar to and as well as other membership websites that restrict content to paying users.

Social Sharing

As part of any website, I offer an optional social sharing feature, which allows users to share posts and products on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Pocket, VKontakte and email.


Uncompromising Customisation

All my websites offer a wide variety of customisation from background and menu colours, and image sizes to text placement, font, style, optional icons, security options, custom social link colours, menu placement and style and much more.

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