Hydrazine UI

AAA Modern User-Interface


The Hydrazine UI was developed in 3 days using Adobe Photoshop, an assortment of royalty-free controller buttons (for controls) and the Oswald font (downloaded from Google Fonts).

This project required me to research many different menus as well as see what worked well and what didn’t in many different cases for UI, and what could be optimised.

Below you will find more information on this project as well as some more detailed images of the different sections of the UI and a detailed summary of how it was created, and what went into the “rain” concept video.


Development Time: 3 days

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects

License: Commercially Usable

Availability: Available for Purchase

The Video

The video showcasing an example of the UI in a rainy setting was created using Adobe After Effects CC in around half an hour using procedural fractal noise, and AE’s Mr. Mercury preset, as well as some custom refraction controls and settings.

This was developed to go alongside slow, epic and “slow-motion” background music clips such as that used in the Halo: Reach Live Action Trailer, “Deliver Hope”.

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