Handheld Diagnostic Computer

What Is This?

The Handheld Diagnostic Computer is a Low-Fi (Low-Tech Sci-Fi) computer interface designed for portable access to other computers and systems.

Inspired by Alien Isolation’s Motion Tracker (external link), the HDC is a portable computer which allows interfacing with other computers and control panels using the wireless node attached to it’s right side, which can be plugged into other devices.

The UI of this device (more on the UI can be found on this website) is controlled by the vertical wheel on the right between the 3-digit and 6-digit, this wheel is inspired by the classic Dupont lighters.

Turning the wheel away from the player on the right (counter-clockwise from the top) would scroll down, and vice versa would scroll back up.

Highlighted object selection would be made using the ENTER key; this may seem ineffective and not very well optimised, well, it’s meant to, this was designed to be an early model for industrial internal use only.

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